Where has the time gone?

I feel as though I’ve been standing in water as high as my mouth, with only a few inches of breathable air, for the past month.

And it’s only going to get worse.

It’s all good, though. Despite being chronically fatigued from lack of sleep and constantly behind in my reading, I’m enjoying myself here. I’m still waiting for someone to come up to me and say, “We’ve been thinking, and we’ve decided we made a mistake in admitting you,” but I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. It’s part and parcel of my psyche.

One thing I prefer about this place to UAZ is the seminar on research techniques in medieval history I’m taking this term. Although the professor spends most of the class time rambling about God-knows-what (and bears an eerie resemblance to my dad in both appearance and personality), I have come away with a much better awareness of available sources to mine for my thesis. In fact, the final project for this class is a draft proposal/prospectus for what we think we might write our thesis on. My motley collection of book titles, article citations and Web pages has expanded quite a bit as a result, and while the lack of primary source evidence may force me to revise my general topic, I do feel closer to pinpointing an actual topic as opposed to “Something about the church in Anglo-Saxon Northumbria”.

Two things I dislike about this place as opposed to UAZ are both related to the library. No, scratch that. I hate the library in general. The physical layout is a nightmare to navigate, the online catalog is just as bad, and the hours? Don’t get me started. Eight o’clock is ridiculously late to be opening on weekdays. All I can say is that I’m glad I had a year at UAZ to familiarize myself with how to locate journals and articles, because otherwise I wouldn’t have the first clue about OCLC, WorldCat and JSTOR.

In other news, my class on medieval France has stirred my creative impulses. As if there were any doubt that I’m insane, I’ve even signed up for NaNoWriMo again. I’ve got an idea for a semi-romance set in 11th-century France that just won’t leave me alone. Odds are, though, I won’t get more than 5,000 words written, what with everything else I’ll be doing in November. I’ll just add it to my ever-growing stack of WIPs.

In other news, we get to pick up our dog from my dad this weekend. I’m very excited to have Clara back with us. I’ve missed her these past 2 years.


About Laura

Former single parent adjusting to an empty nest, moving back in with my parents, and returning to the workforce. Student of medieval history, fandom dabbler, and perspiring writer.
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