Nervous Nellie

Three months ago today (7/20) I handed in my Master’s thesis and all its accompanying paperwork to the Grad College. The final deadline for handing in theses and dissertations in time for December graduation is one month from today (11/20). I have not yet heard anything from the Grad College about my thesis – whether it’s been accepted as is, needs changes, nothing. I don’t know if this is because they hold on to all submissions until the deadline and then read them all at once in a marathon session or if they’ve lost it (please Lord, don’t let that be the case), or… what. I also don’t know if I should e-mail the Grad College to find out what’s what or simply cross my fingers and hope for the best.



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Former single parent adjusting to an empty nest, moving back in with my parents, and returning to the workforce. Student of medieval history, fandom dabbler, and perspiring writer.
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5 Responses to Nervous Nellie

  1. Telephone them. They may not answer e-mail but if it’s procedure they’ll be able to tell you quickly, and hopefully also that it’s been received and is in process. I mean, I dislike making phone-calls myself but in these circumstances it’s worth it to set your mind at rest quickly, I’d say.

    • keystrokes2backspaces says:

      Actually, they’re usually pretty good about responding to e-mail – the issue is my not wanting to seem overly impatient. I did break down and send an e-mail, though I probably would have wibbled about it for another week or so if not for your comment. I only hope the reply isn’t, “Thesis? We don’t have a thesis on file for you…”

      • Well, if it is it’s better to know now than in two weeks, or three… but yes, I hope not! Do you have any kind of receipt, or backups? None of this should be necessary but the worst becomes more manageable and smaller if one knows how one would meet it. And as for seeming overly impatient, there are times to defer to expertise certainly, but there are also times to remember which side of the higher education process is paying for a service and which is supposed to be providing it!

      • keystrokes2backspaces says:

        Fortunately for my blood pressure, I’ve just heard back and my thesis hasn’t been misplaced, and they do hold on to early submissions until later in the semester before reviewing them. Had it been lost, I could easily have sent a replacement – I think there’s a spare copy in a box somewhere in my office – though replacing the committee approval forms would have been a challenge, as we’re now scattered across several hundred miles and faxed or electronic signatures aren’t allowed. I’m very relieved I don’t have to jump through that particular hoop again.

      • Hurrah! All’s well that ends well. Now print the e-mail 🙂

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