VDOT should totally hire me

I was pleased and amused to find out this morning that I’d won a “caption this” contest hosted by Roanoke Times columnist Dan Casey. He posted a photo of a highway electronic message board with a misspelled word on it (not the one pictured, obviously), and invited readers to submit their own ideas for what the message should be, within the limits imposed by the board. The unspoken invitation, of course, was to poke fun at the current Virginia administration and/or the dreadful state of our transportation infrastructure. I submitted 3 captions, and the winning one was:


“Baliles,” as Dan explained in his follow-up column, refers to Gerald L. Baliles, governor of Virginia 1986-1990, known as the “transportation governor” for the way he was able to fund highway projects during his tenure. He also happens to be the father of one of my old schoolmates.

I get to pick out a book for my submission, so it’s win-win all around. 🙂


About Laura

Former single parent adjusting to an empty nest, moving back in with my parents, and returning to the workforce. Student of medieval history, fandom dabbler, and perspiring writer.
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