I’ve been negligent about Post-a-Week 2011 for several weeks now, for a variety of reasons, though mostly because I was busy and fell out of the habit, and have since had trouble getting back in the saddle. With April mere hours away, however, I have set myself two specific goals, and hope to use this blog to help me reach them – and, in turn, get back into a weekly blogging routine.

First, I intend to write at least 30,000 words on my present work-in-progress (a novel set in medieval France). I presently have just under 21,000 words, so if I successfully meet my goal I’ll have 51K total. It’s like NaNoWriMo, except not.

20952 / 51000 (41.08%)

My second goal is to walk the dog – properly walk her, not just take her out to the back field and let her off her leash – every afternoon. I am horribly out of shape and spend far too much time seated at the computer, so I’m hoping to get into a routine of daily exercise that will also get me outside to enjoy spring in the Virginia mountains. Perhaps once I can work myself up to walking more than half a mile without getting out of breath, we’ll explore many of the Forest Service trails around here.

So that’s two goals for each day in the month of April: writing 1,000-1,200 words, and going for a walk. I’ll blog about my progress as it… progresses. Wish me luck!


About Laura

Former single parent adjusting to an empty nest, moving back in with my parents, and returning to the workforce. Student of medieval history, fandom dabbler, and perspiring writer.
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