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Die, you bastards, die!

Meet the brown marmorated stink bug or, as I like to call them, “Bastard.” Chances are if you live in the eastern US – though I hear they’re moving westward – you’ve encountered these aromatic pests. Probably not just one, … Continue reading

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The Running Man

Yesterday my son participated in the National College Blue Ridge (Half) Marathon in Roanoke, VA. It was the 2nd year for both (he did the half-marathon because he’s under 18; next year he’ll be old enough to do the whole … Continue reading

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Experimental baking

Last summer I found an easy and tasty recipe for Amish white bread online that was a big hit with the teenager in my house. He’s a runner and a swimmer and so has a big appetite, but I have … Continue reading

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While I’m at it, I’d also like a pony

The Daily Post asks, what would you do with $1 million, tax-free? Set 1/4 to 1/3 of it aside for my son. Pay off my credit card, then cancel the card and get a new one that has a much … Continue reading

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100% pure squeezed sunshine*

Every now and then I get the most intense craving for orange juice. I’ve never done any sort of “scientific” observation to see if there’s a pattern or a trigger, but when it hits I cannot ignore it; I am … Continue reading

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Bits ‘n bobs

Earlier this afternoon my son asked me if I knew anything about quantum computers. My response, as they say on the Internet, was O___o. (He was asking for a paper he’s writing for his chemistry class. Something to do with … Continue reading

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I can see clearly now*

I can see again! After four years of steadily (and noticeably) deteriorating eyesight, I finally hauled myself down to the optometrist for an eye exam. I already knew that my vision had gone from bad to worse – not being … Continue reading

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The persistence of habit

It’s ridiculous how long I’ve let this blog languish, un-updated. Last time I posted it was to talk about fall in the Blue Ridge; now summer is hard upon us (after one of the worst winters in memory – I … Continue reading

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Changing times

It’s the peak of the fall leaf-changing season, and the mountains around us are a riot of color. This morning they seemed especially brilliant thanks to a combination of dark, rain-laden clouds broken by patches of bright, warm light (it’s … Continue reading

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Flu, Fie, Fo, Phlegm

It’s flu vaccine season here, and for the first time I’m having to seriously weigh the option of getting one for my son.

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