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Die, you bastards, die!

Meet the brown marmorated stink bug or, as I like to call them, “Bastard.” Chances are if you live in the eastern US – though I hear they’re moving westward – you’ve encountered these aromatic pests. Probably not just one, … Continue reading

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The eagle has flown

Yesterday afternoon, representatives from Game and Inland Fisheries and the Wildlife Center of Virginia released a golden eagle at Harvey’s Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Before its release, the eagle was fitted with a transmitter to allow scientists to … Continue reading

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There’s a far over thar

Earlier today we drove out to the ruins of Catawba Furnace to take pictures for a friend with an interest in old foundries, and also because I’ve wanted to explore the site ever since I realized it was there. It’s … Continue reading

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“Only the cave knows the truth from the lies”*

Yesterday, during an adventure to the Roanoke farmers’ market, my son and I went into a shop that specializes in outdoorsy-type activities (hiking, camping, etc.). While he was checking out their hats, I found a display with maps and guides … Continue reading

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Woolly Bully

The woolly bear caterpillar! These fuzzy little guys are all over the place. I haven’t seen one in ages – not since we last lived in Roanoke, I think. It always cheers me to see one undulating its way across … Continue reading

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With you, kindest friends, in idea I rove*

The Mill is a wonderful place to live for those who enjoy exploring. I would have been in seventh heaven had I lived here as a child; some of my happiest memories are of my grandfather’s back yard and the … Continue reading

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Is this how E.B. White got his start?

We’ve known for some time now that we had a mouse living in our house. My son first spotted it several weeks ago, scurrying between his closet and the pile of dirty towels on our upstairs landing. At some point … Continue reading

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Bruce Wayne, please call off your minions

Our house has been invaded by bats (okay, one bat) for the 2nd time this summer. Second time in less than a month, in fact. Unlike our previous wee intruder, this one is quite large, and is currently trapped in … Continue reading

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